Jun 19, 2019
Grace House is committed to caring for the most vulnerable in our community, ensuring a welcoming, loving space in their final days. We're pleased to share renderings of the home that we will be building.

Grace House to build near Summa St. Thomas Hospital

Jun 01, 2019

Grace House Akron Reveals Location

Jun 01, 2019
June 1, 2019   Pess Release Contact: Holly Klein President Grace House Akron, Inc. 330-612-0334 Grace House Akron Reveals Location The long-anticipated house location revealed at nonprofit’s fundraiser...

Proud Omega Home Network Member

Jun 30, 2018
Grace House Akron is the first and only Omega Home in Ohio. We are still working to develop our home, but we are proud to be part of this network.  What’s an Omega Home? Among other things, it’s a home that’s designed for and totally...

What does Grace House do?

Jun 03, 2018
Written by:  Holly Klein I recently wrote about how Grace House formed.  Now, I’d like to share the services we will be providing.  We believe all  individuals should have access to care and comfort at the end of life.  In a planned 6-bed...

What's this Grace House I'm hearing about?

Jun 03, 2018
Written by: Holly Klein A new nonprofit organization has emerged in Akron to serve the indigent, homeless and abandoned individuals at the end of life who are often faced with spending their final days alone.  Grace House Akron, Inc. ...