Frequently Asked Questions

If I have insurance, can I come to Grace House?

Yes, a person who lives at Grace House can have insurance benefits. However, we do not bill the person’s insurance. 

If I have Medicare / Medicaid, can I come to Grace House?

Yes, individuals who have Medicare and Medicaid can live at Grace House. However, it is not necessary to have those insurance plans to live at Grace House. Grace House Akron will not bill Medicare or Medicaid.

Can my family or loved ones visit me in Grace House?

Yes, family and loved ones are more than welcome to visit Grace House.

Will I ever be billed or charged for living at Grace House?

No, there is absolutely no charge to live at Grace House.  All Grace House services are delivered without charge to allow access to end-of-life care.

Can I bring my pet to Grace House?

Yes, we love pets! Each animal is reviewed by the staff and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Who is eligible to live at Grace House?

For a person to be able to live at Grace House they must:

  • Be under the care of a hospice
  • Have no willing, available, or able caregiver
  • Have limited financial resources
What if I’m unsure if I’m eligible to live at Grace House?

Give us a call at 330-572-4476.