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What does Grace House do?

Jun 03, 2018

Written by:  Holly Klein

I recently wrote about how Grace House formed.  Now, I’d like to share the services we will be providing.  We believe all  individuals should have access to care and comfort at the end of life. 

In a planned 6-bed home, services are provided without charge to allow a dignified death without financial barriers, something that is not currently offered to Akron’s homeless or working poor. Once land is secured, the we will launch a capital campaign to raise funds. In the meantime, Grace House Akron looks to foster relationships with the community, educate the region and connect with future partners.

Grace Hosue Akron partners with hospice programs to provide end-of-life care.  Our caregivers will be in the home 24 hours daily.  Ours services include:

                                        Pet Therapy                     Music Therapy                         Massage Therapy       Vigil Comapnions

                                        Art Therapy                     Spiritual Care                            24 Hour Care              Self-Care for Families and Staff

MEET JIM (picture below)

Jim is 48 years old with terminal lung cancer. He is estranged from his family and has been bouncing from friend’s house to friend’s house. As Jim’s disease progresses, he is beginning to think about where he will live at the end of his life. His friends aren’t the caregiver type. Jim’s hospice caregivers admit to challenges providing care for him.  They have a hard time locating Jim and it is hard to manage his symptoms because he is so hard to track down. Jim often runs out of medications and goes days without notifying his hospice nurse.  Jim’s Hospice team talks with him about different options and a referral is made to Grace House.  Jim feels at peace knowing he has a home to go to.

Jim is an example of the individuals we will be serving.  Individuals admitted into a Hospice program that do not have an available caregiver or that cannot afford a caregiver are welcome at Grace House.

          You might be asking yourself, what can I do to help?

There’s a lot you can do! 

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We appreciate any and all support you can provide to our home!   Donations will support the care provided to our residents.


Donations can be made by check or online.

  Check donations:

              Mail your donation to...

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              846 Chinook Avenue

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Online donations can be made at

Please consider a donation made in honor of or in memory of a loved one. Grace House Akron will send an acknowledgement letter to the family notifying them a gift has been received (amount not disclosed) in honor of their loved one. The contributor will also receive a thank you letter.

Is there a way you would like to be involved?  We want to hear about it!  Contact Holly Klein at to share your thoughts.