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For Immediate Release: Grace House Akron Capital Update

Nov 25, 2020

Death with Dignity for All:  Grace House Akron Update

Akron, Ohio (November 25, 2020):  Can you imagine a loved one or friend spending their last days alone and without a comfortable and safe place to pass away? Think of a family member who has been evicted from their home, or a friend who is home insecure due to financial stress, or prolonged physical or mental illness.

Similar scenarios play out every day and are further exacerbated by the pandemic. From an increase in evictions to a taxed health care system, individuals may continue to be released from medical facilities without an appropriate home environment in which to receive hospice care.

One charitable 501C3 is currently working to offer a solution, Grace House Akron.

Dr. Cliff Deveny, President & CEO of Summa Health and Honorary Chair of the Built on Love Campaign, shares that, “the development and construction of Grace House is important to our community because no one should die alone in an undignified manner. Summa Health fully supports the mission embraces the tenets of hospice care for all those in need.”

Formed after local healthcare professional, Holly Klein, witnessed patients dying alone and in undesirable conditions, the home’s Co-Founder and Executive Director believed much more could be done to help these individuals. “These issues impact more people than we realize, it’s certainly not just homeless individuals. The burden of hospice care falls to families, and for individuals with no family or no ability to pay for private caregivers, their final days can be lonely, scary, and frankly, pretty rough. They may die in social isolation, with little support,” said Klein. 

Nick Browning (Co-Chair of Capital Campaign committee and current Chairperson of the Grace House Board of Directors) shares “Cindy and I are committed to the Grace House mission for a lifetime, because no one should die alone.”

Like most charitable organizations, Grace House Akron will run entirely on philanthropic contributions.   A capital campaign has begun to build the new six-bedroom comfort care home. Campaign fundraising will support construction, and the necessary housing and resident care needed for the first two years of programming. At this time, the Built on Love Capital Campaign has reached 43% of the total goal of 2.8 million, thanks to the generosity of our board, steering committee and early lead donors.

Cindy Browning, Co-Chair of the Built on Love Campaign and Grace House Co-Founder, became involved due to her long history of working in hospice. “I had a sister with mental health and addiction issues who died alone. I wish someone had been there with her. There are so many people disenfranchised from loved ones that need Grace House,” stated Cindy. 

Nearly 100 individuals and local organizations have stepped up so far to support the cause, which truly makes this a community-led, community-supported effort. In addition to financial support, Summa Health has donated land for the home and architectural services were donated by GPD Group, among other generous in-kind contributions.

When its doors open, Grace House Akron, Inc. will provide a loving home for indigent, homeless and abandoned individuals at the end of life. The home provides safe shelter, care with dignity and compassion, and a nurturing environment for individuals with terminal illnesses.

To donate, learn more or get involved please email or visit